Tips to Remove Plaque

If you go to the dentist, your dentist will check and clean your teeth, along with addressing other problems, but they will also talk about plaque buildup. It’s an important part of oral health, and it’s the enemy of it, and the longer the time scheduled between appointments, the more this can accrue. However, there are more things that you can do to keep plaque at bay until you’re ready to get a cleaning again.

Plaque is the sticky fluid that has no color that forms on the surface of the teeth. It is typically formed when food particles are trapped, such as sugars and starches. However, bacteria loves this, and then more begins to fester. It then produces an acid that will eat away at the tooth, causing it to decay, and that can also cause gum disease as well. Fortunately, though, there are a few ways to start to remove plaque from your teeth that will help you immensely.

The first, are orange peels. If you rub one directly onto your teeth, it can then cause microorganisms to come into the area and fight off the plaque bacteria that will cause tooth decay.

Baking soda is another one, and it actually is on a lot of toothpastes. It is a mild abrasive that can help get rid of substances ion the surface of the teeth that aren’t wanted there. To use this, put about a tablespoon of this into a glass, add some salt, and then put the toothbrush into the mix. From there, brush it as you normally would, and it should cover very well.

Figs are another great thing to put in your mouth since they are very strong when it comes to fighting bacteria in the mouth. You can simply ingest these raw, chewing them, moving them around the teeth and gums as much as you can. They’re great to start saliva production, which is a huge part in getting rid of those food particles that will be in between the gaps on the teeth, and those on the surface as well. It’s certainly worth adding to your repertoire if you possibly can.

Now, if you love spicy food, which many of us do, well you’re in luck, because it’s actually one of the best plaque fighters. If you have spicy food, it will also get your saliva production going, which will help get those food particles off your teeth as well, allowing the bacteria to not be able to fester there. It’s certainly something to consider if you’re thinking about really taking care of your teeth.

Finally, gargle with vinegar. You might cringe at the idea of doing this, but vinegar is very similar to baking soda, in that it can clean your teeth, and it also won’t harm the teeth. It’s extremely effective to use when you clean with them, and it definitely does help. As a word of caution though, it might not taste very well, so it might be too pungent for some. You can also add some water and salt to this too if you need to make sure that you’re not getting overwhelmed by this. The ideal way to use this is to use it every 2-3 days, and from there use two tablespoons of the vinegar, a tablespoon of salt, and half a cup of water. You can use a little bit more water to dilute as needed, but don’t’ oversaturate it since it can cause the effectiveness to lessen.

Now obviously, these shouldn’t be used in lieu of dental visits. Your Dentist Canton MA will help you with getting yourself right on the right pathway in order to help get rid of plaque, which in turn will prevent oral health problems from getting worse. Do make sure that while you do use these when you’re not seeing the dentist, the best thing to do is to make sure that you go in, see the dentist, get the care that you need, and from there, reap the many benefits of this, which in turn will allow you to have the best oral health possible. If you do it like this, it will certainly help you too.

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